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5 Fun And Creative Games To Play On A Kids’ Pool Table

Indeed, the kids’ pool table at home can be useful for playing fun and creative games with your family members too. Here is a list of 5 fun and creative games that you can play using the pool table for kids.

5 Fun And Creative Games To Play On A Kids' Pool Table

Let’s check out the best 5 Fun And Creative Games To Play On A Kids’ Pool Table

  1. Carrom: Who does not love to play a game of carrom? And it is one such game too where you can include multiple members in it. In this kids’ pool table carrom, you will need three balls. The white cue ball for each of the opponents and a red object ball too for each. The players shall be scoring a point each time when they rebound their cue ball against the object ball and also against the cue ball of the opponent too. You will only score when this entire thing happens in a single shot.
  2. Cut-Throat Pool: This is another great family game too where at least three members can participate. Here each of the members shall be given a ball grouping from one to five, six to ten, or even eleven to fifteen as well. The entire objective of the player will be to be the only one to be left without having any balls on the table. This game is all about sinking the balls of the opponents.
  3. Baseball Billiards: In this game, each player shall have nine innings for scoring as many points as possible. Here the player shall use a rack having twenty-one balls. Each ball shall have a score according to the number written on it. And each of the balls needs to be called before you pocket them. After a player completes his shots of nine innings the next player shall follow. The player who has picked the highest balls based on their numeric value wins the game.
  4. Pool Darts: This is a game that combines both darts and pool. The pockets on the pool table shall be the points. The middle pocket shall be of ten points while the yellow and red balls shall be of twenty points. Each of the end pockets shall be of five points as well. You must give a point to each pocket and color. There shall be no pool balls assigned to anyone. The person who acquires the highest number of points wins.
  5. Bowlliards: It is a type of billiards but with the concept of bowling. The objective in this game is to acquire the highest points after ten frames. Single or multiple players can either play this game. Stack ten balls forming a triangle. Each player shall have two innings per frame. In any order, you can hit as many balls as you want. Each ball carries one point. You win if you make ten balls in the first innings.