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The Best Materials For Table Tops For Pool Tables

Different materials are used for table tops for pool tables. The section below discusses the best materials for pool table tops. It will guide you to buying the table top for pool table that you need.

What is a pool table’s playing surface made of?

1. MDF Pool Table Top

The wooden-looking table tops for the pool tables use a hardwood material called MDF which makes them strong, durable, and cost-effective too.

The biggest advantage of choosing this tabletop is that it is durable. No matter how hard you make take a short, the ball will never damage the tabletop.

This is just the perfect one to have if you have a big space or even when your children join you in the pool game.

2. Acrylic Pool Table Top

Acrylic happens to be a mix of two materials which are glass and polyplastic. The acrylic table tops for pool tables are not only strong but are also shatterproof too. The advantage of having acrylic table tops is that they are low-cost and very strong.

Here too when you take a hard shot you do not run into the risk of damaging the tabletop.

You can easily use it outdoors and furthermore; you can use such tables tops for playing other games too such as hockey and ping pong.

3. Slate Pool Table Top

As the name goes, this table top is made using slate supported by a high-quality fabric. The fabric is tightly fitted on the tabletop without any gaps for ridges which might affect the performance.

These table tops are very strong and are often made from a single piece of slate. The smoothness of it adds a great dimension to the game. Because slate table tops are hard so professionals prefer them.

4. Metal Pool Table Top

Except for the cloth, the tabletop is completely made out of metal. This is the reason why the tabletop shall not warp during a change in temperature or humidity levels too.

The strength of this table top allows you to take forceful strokes without any fear of damage.

5. Rubber Pool table Top

This is the perfect tabletop if you are keener on stunning everyone with a few pool table tricks. Rubber table tops offer greater bounce than any other materials and so it is one of the best.

These are easier to clean as well, but high-intensity shots are not recommended.

6. Slatron Pool Table Top

This is also another very popular and best material for the tabletop of the pool. It is composed of a material that is a mix of slate but is not entirely made of slate too. It lasts for a long time but is not as wrap-free or durable as slate.

The high demand for it is due to the smoothness it offers, which is better than slate, and also it is lightweight too. It is even far more reasonably priced than the slate table tops as well.