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Converting An Old Pool Table Into A Multi-Use Game Table With A Table Top

You no longer have to throw away your old pool table. There are some exciting ideas for recycling and re-using them back again too. As you choose a new table top forpool table read the section ahead to know about converting an old pool table into a multi-use game table with a tabletop.

  • Foosball Table: Because a slate pool table top is heavy and stable, it is ideal for turning into a foosball table too. you can make a marking of a foosball on it or attach a makeshift frame too and convert it into a foosball table too. The smoothness of the new slate table top will make a perfect ground for the smooth rolling of a ball. And unless the ball is hit too hard, you do not run the risk of damaging the pool table top too.

You can even do this with a new wooden table top of a pool table. But, although wood is strong and durable it will not offer the same smoothness as a slate pool table top.

These table tops are in fact a much more cost-effective option and give you greater flexibility too. More to that you no longer have to worry about space issues too. The single table top for the pool table is a conversable one. Here too a slate table top is more appropriate than wood because it offers both durability and smoothness.