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DIY Guide: Building A Mini Pool Table For Kids

Now at home, you can easily make a pool table for kids. The guide below shall help you to do it perfectly. 

Steps In Building A Mini Pool Table


  • Wooden door of 6×3 foot
  • Whiteboard
  • 6 pieces of wood for the rails measuring 1x8x3 inches
  • 3 pieces of wood for rail support measuring 1x8x6 inches
  • Rubber from engine brake and sling for making the rails
  • Black duct tape and fiberglass net of mosquitoes
  • Glue spray
  • Green felt
  • Screws and wood glue
  • Glossy spray paint of brown color

Stick The Whiteboard To The Door After Cutting It

DIY Guide: Building A Mini Pool Table For Kids
  • Cut the whiteboard according to the size of the door and glue it to the door. leave it overnight.

Make The Rails

  • While cutting the rails keep forty degrees at the corners and seventy degrees at the side pockets.
  • Keep some space for making more holes and also for nails too.

Make Holes For The Pockets

  • Make holes in the sides of the pool table and form the pockets.
  • With the help of sandpaper make it smooth.

Build The Rails

  • Cut the rails and ensure that it measures ¾ the diameter of the pool balls. You need to be careful about this measurement or else the balls shall not go into the pocket when a shot is made. Instead, they shall jump off.
  • Ensure that the rails are of appropriate height too.
  • You can even use old tires for making the base of the bumper.
  • You can glue the rubber on the rails and leave it overnight to dry. The bumpier it shall be the more bounce the balls will have at the edges.

Work On The Felt

  • Put the felt over the door and glue it.  Ensure that you have placed it evenly before gluing. 
  • Ensure that instead of putting it directly on the door, put it on the top and roll it gradually down and press with a palm for keeping it straight. Air bubbles must not get trapped in it or else they shall keep the felt uneven on the wooden door.
  • Put a thick amount of glue so that it holds the felt strongly or else if your kid takes a rough shot it will tear the felt easily.

Put Rubber On The Rails

  • Put the rubber over the rails properly and ensure the ball bounces over it when it hits the rail. If it is not bouncy then use the rubber from a sling and paste it stretching it a bit.

Put Felt On The Rail

  • After ensuring that the rubber is giving proper bounce on the rail, glue it strongly to it. 

Work On The Borders

  • Join the rail to the corners of the pool table. Ensure that it does not overlap the pockets. There must be some space between the pockets and the rails. 
  • Use 6x8x1 measurement for cutting. The rails shall protect the table and the pockets.

Hand Rails

  • Put finishing touches on the pockets to make them look neat. 
  • Paint the handrails with brown spray and leave them to dry. 
  • Put on the handrails and screw them. Ensure that it fits perfectly according to the right angle measurements.

Fix The Pockets 

  • For the pockets cut the mosquito nets and paste them using duct tape. You can use any other nets too.
  • Put another coat of paint to brighten the look of the rails.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth the underneath of the pool table and it shall be ready for your kid