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How To Choose The Perfect Table Top For Our Pool Table?

It is important to take care of a few factors while choosing the perfect table top for your pool table. The section below guides you in choosing the perfect table top for pool table.

Let’s find out how to choose the perfect table top for our pool table.

  • The Size: Size is the first important thing to consider while you are trying to pick the perfect table top for your pool table. You must be aware of the kind of size you want and the size that shall fit perfectly with your room space. Another thing to consider is that the table top must be away from the wall so that the cue does not brush against the wall while taking a shot.
  • Material: Material is the next thing to consider while you are deciding on the pool table top. Most people choose slate table tops for their pool tables. It gives the perfect thickness and smoothness required to play a great game. It is also capable of handling hard shots. Unlike wood, the slate surface does not warp even during extreme weather conditions or humidity.
  • Frame: Wood is strong support for many things, so it is for pool tables too. Ensure that the tabletop of the pool table is made from wood. Sometimes there are chances that the edge of the table gets accidentally hit by something. At times even the children too tend to put pressure on the frame of the pool table. So, a wooden frame will offer greater endurance and durability during such instances. It will prevent the pool table from getting damaged easily.
  • Rails Or Cushions: Also ensure that the rails or the cushions around the tabletop are either made from gum blends or synthetic materials. In the case of synthetic rails, there is a filler of clay inside it that gives proper support. But if you wish to give proper support to the rails and protect the table top too then always opt for the gum cushions.

The job of the cushion is important. Sometimes players tend to make the ball bounce and so deliberately make a lifted hard stroke. This often damages the rails if the ball hits hard on them. So, a proper cushion shall save it from damage.

  • Felt Or Cloth: You must also check the material of the felt or cloth that is used on the tabletop. Generally, the clot happens to be made from a blend of nylon and wool which is coated with Teflon. The weight must be between eight to twenty-two ounces for each yard. The role of cloth is important too. A rough stroke can either burn the cloth or tear it due to friction. Which in turn will damage the table top too. So, it is important to verify this aspect.

Also, you need to understand that the cloth must be woven tightly on the tabletop. Any unevenness on it will spoil the stroke.