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How To Choose The Right Size Pool Table For Your Child

Now, not only the adults but your child can also enjoy a pool game at home too with a pool table for kids. But there are certain factors to keep in mind while choosing the right size pool table in addition to a few other factors about the pool table too. It has been discussed below.

Factors For Choosing The Right Size Pool Table For Your Child

  • Determining The Right Pool Table Size: Measure the spot where you will keep the pool table of your child and mark it. Mark the distance it is from the wall. You must remember that it must be enough away from the wall so that the stick does not hit the wall after taking a shot. Ensure that there is enough room to walk around the table too. Note these markings and verify them while choosing the pool table for your child.

Generally, a six-foot pool table is the standard size for children and teens. So, choosing this table size shall be appropriate.

How To Choose The Right Size Pool Table For Your Child
  • Spacing: It is important to keep in mind the space in the games room while choosing the right size of the pool table for your child. A smaller sized table is ideal for children because not only it becomes easier to play but also leaves enough space around for movement. 
  • Frame: The frame of the table is another important aspect of consideration. It must be of hardwood. It shall make the table durable. There are chances that your child has accidentally hit the surface with anything while moving around. Hardwood frames are solid enough to sustain. Frames made of other materials will easily get damaged and shall not last for long. Quality is always essential for deciding on a pool table for a child.
  • Sate: Children generally handle a pool table much more roughly than adults. There is every chance that it may get scratched. Even though the slate shall warp with time due to the friction of cue and balls but yet a thicker slate between one inch to three-fourth inches can endure for a long time.
  •  Felt: Ensure that you have chosen a heavier and tighter weave of felt for the pool table for your child. Constant friction on it will damage the felt more easily if the felt has not been tightly woven. The weight of the felt per yard shall signify how tightly it has been woven. You can choose 19 oz. This is the general choice for all home users.
  • Cue: Cue is another important consideration to make while choosing the right size pool table for your child. It must be shorter in length so that they can handle it easily and learn to gain control over their shots. Although the cue is very lightweight yet it is important to ensure that it is light for the child to operate or else it shall not help him to take the shot accurately.