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How to Hold a Pool Stick: A Step-by-Step Guide

So you’ve finally decided to play pool and be one of those elitists that come across as classy and intellectual except there’s one problem. You do not know how to hold a pool stick and if you don’t know how to hold the stick, you surely cannot play let alone win in the pool match. If you want to learn to play pool and improve your skills to impress your peers, first you need to learn to hold a cue.

Unless you can hold the cue properly, you will not be able to strike the ball properly due to which you may end up losing the match. One good thing about pool is that while it may come across as intimidating and something which can only be played by those who are naturally adept in it, pool is a game that is for people of all ages and anyone can learn it. After all, in its simplest sense, you only need to hold the cue and strike the ball when playing pool.

Even though pool is a simple game, all the intimidation of the game returns the moment you hold the pool stick. If you have ever been to a pool game, held a pool stick, and did not know what to do next, you might get a gist of what it is like to feel alien while holding the pool stick.

Firstly, there is a way to hold the pool stick and the reason why many people who are new to the game may not strike strong is because they may be holding the pool stick in the wrong manner. Holding the pool cue is what makes all the difference during a pool game and that is why you should know how to hold the pool cue in the right way.

Holding a pool stick

how to hold a pool stick

If you have always wondered how to hold a pool stick  and what is the right way to hold it, here is a guide that can help you out and perhaps, prepare you for your next pool game.

  • While learning to hold a pool stick, there are a couple of things you should know such as how to balance the stick, how high or low you should keep it, how much you should bend, and where to aim when striking the ball. Hence, once you take hold of the pool stick, make sure you use your comfortable hand to hold it. So that it is convenient for you to aim and shoot the ball. You must keep the stick at the level of your waist and grasp the end of the pool stick with your comfortable hand. You will also have to ensure that you keep a few distance from the taped part of the stick. Make sure you don’t hold the pool stick too firmly. Relax and hold it with comfort so that you can make a clear shot.
  • Once you have learned how to hold a pool stick in a comfortable and effective manner, you will have to focus on the position of your body. Before you shoot the ball, you will have to set an aim and for this, you will have to bend your upper body lower to the table and target the shot. Keep your hand on the stick to ensure that it does not slip off. Bending your legs a bit can also be helpful and one important thing you need to remember is that while you are targeting the shot, it is always advised to be motionless so that you do not miss the shot.
  • One of the most important parts while learning how to hold a pool stick is to position your palms in the right manner. You will have to use your palm to position the stick and target the shot. Use your thumb and index finger to hold the tip of the cue and you can use your middle finger to provide a grip to the cue. This is referred to as the open bridge method which is the most popular of all the bridging methods. When sliding the stick in your fingers, place it slowly or you may damage your skin. Keep your fingers motionless because if it trembles, you might lose your aim and miss the shot.

Shoot the ball

how to hold a pool stick
  • Once you have learned how to hold the stick properly and how to grip it with your fingers, make sure you balance it well. Move the stick backward or forward while trying to adjust your shot so that you can target your aim accurately. Once you have set the target, do not lose your balance. Do not move a lot after you have kept your balance and once you are ready, you can release the grip and shoot the ball. 

These are some of the tips you can follow when learning how to hold a pool stick because unless you know these steps, you might not be ready for a pool session just yet. You can only ace at the pool if you can hold a pool stick properly. Therefore, go through these steps carefully and try to practice it because unless you put it to practice, you cannot perfect it.