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How to Level a Pool Table – A Step-by-Step Guide

A pool table must be leveled nicely so that the balls can roll evenly. This article will tell us tips on how to level a pool table nicely. If the pool table is not leveled, the accuracy of the players will be hindered. You can get the tools from any nearby hardware store so that you can level the pool table. Let us check the tips. 


Measurement is the most important step to level a pool table. Let us check here the steps in detail. 

how to level a pool table

Carpenter’s level: If you want to measure your pool table you need to use a basic carpenter’s level. Both the analog and the digital levels will work perfectly fine. The analog carpenter will have the bubbles and they orient in between the two lines. It will slide to another surface if the surface is crooked. This will help you to know if the table is crooked and the ways to modify it. You can also check the smartphone apps that will show the accurate level functions. You can just lay your phone on the surface and it will show the level. 

Measure the mid-line: You need to measure the mid-line of the table. You need to set the carpenter’s level in the middle of the pool. It should be oriented. Suppose the table is perfectly balanced on both ends, then the bubbles will show up in between the lines of the glass tubes. If the bubbles are below the lines, then you will have to raise one end of the table to balance it perfectly.

Measure the shorter mid-line: If you want to know how to level a pool table then you must understand that you will have to measure the mid-line. You will have to turn in the opposite direction towards the middle of the table. It should be perpendicular to the long sides. It has to be even with the shorter sides. This will help you to measure the side ends of the table. You first need to take the measurement. If you see the bubbles are low then you will have to adjust the legs in a direction that will make the table flat. 

Use a ball to check the balance: You need to roll a ball first on the table in a straight line. Check the path of the ball and its direction very carefully. You will have to check whether the ball rolls straight or it changes direction. Repeat this process a few times. If you see the ball rolling straight then you do not need to adjust the table. If you see the ball is not showing accurate directions, then take the help of the carpenter’s level. You can then adjust the level to make the table balanced. 

Use a glass: Another way to check the balance is to place a piece of glass and then roll a marble across the table. If the ball stays in its place then the table is leveled. If the ball rolls toward the other end of the table then you will have to adjust the level. 

Find the lowest corner: You will also have to find the lower corner. The ball should move in one particular direction on both corners on the same side. If you see the levels that dip more than the other one, then you will have to adjust the level of the table. Finding the lowest corner will help in the process. 

Height Adjustment: 

how to level a pool table

Many people have asked this question how to level a pool table and the most crucial step is adjusting the height. Let us check. 

Consult the owner’s manual: The pool tables can be adjusted easily. But there are some pool tables that have got metal plates attached to them. With its help of it, you can easily lower or raise the sides. The pool tables have got legs that can be adjusted. They have feet that will be screwed in a clockwise or in anti-clockwise direction. 

Tighten the screws: Sometimes it may happen that the bolts and the screws that are attached to the table may be slightly loose over time. The table may become off-level. If you tighten up the screws it will help to level the table easily without adjusting the height too. 

Raise the lowest leg of the table: If the pool table can be adjusted then you will have to raise the lowest corner of the table by a degree. Then you may leave the carpenter’s level on the table and notice the change. If you have done it in the wrong way, then try to make the changes again. 

Use shims: If you want to know how to level a pool table then you should know about shims. They are small shards of wood that can adjust the height of the tables. You can get them in the carpentry section of any hardware store. They come in various sizes too. You can use that to level the table easily. 

Take the help of assistants: If you take the help of assistants then it will become easier to add the shins and the level can be balanced. 


1. Why should you level a pool table?

Leveling is usually done at the time of installation. A pool table should be leveled correctly so that the ball can smoothly roll across it. The shot of the players will show accurate results. So, leveling is very important. 

2. How can you adjust the legs of the pool table?

You first need to check which leg needs to be adjusted. Then lift the corner of the table carefully. You can consult an assistant. Place the shims. Once done, check the level. If the level remains disturbed, try to add more shims if required. 

3. Why is it important to level a pool table?

Leveling a pool table is crucial to ensure fair and accurate gameplay. A perfectly leveled table ensures that the balls roll smoothly and consistently, preventing any biases or deviations that could affect the outcome of the game.

4. How do I know if my pool table is not level?

There are a few signs that indicate an unlevel pool table. These include balls rolling off in a particular direction, uneven ball movement, or an audible clicking sound when balls collide. If you notice any of these signs, it’s likely that your table requires leveling.

5. Can I level a pool table myself, or do I need professional assistance?

It is possible to level a pool table yourself, but it may require some skill and knowledge of the process. If you feel confident in your abilities and have the necessary tools, you can attempt to level the table on your own. However, for precise leveling or if you’re unsure, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance.