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How To Move A Pool Table Across The Room?

Pool is a highly popular indoor game that the high society loves engaging in during their leisure. However, keeping aside all its fun and extravagance, reality strikes when you find out that pool tables are extremely heavy and you look for how to move a pool table across the room without damaging the table.

Pool tables generally have a weight of around 800-1200 pounds. However, it is not this weight that makes it hard for you to move a pool table. Pool tables, with all their heavy weight, are fragile due to which they are not designed for constant mobility.

If you have considered moving your pool table around, you may have heard people who have been there and done that filling you in with details about how they tried moving their pool table and always ended up damaging it. Pool tables, on the other hand, are also not the most economical items which increases the need for you to be more careful when you are moving the pool table. Well, unless you are planning to change the entire location of the pool table and shift it to another room, thankfully, moving it only a little space further should not be such a hassle.

There are a few ways that will help you move your pool table worth minimal effort.

Ways to move pool table

how to move a pool table across the room

There are many ways how to move a pool table across the room and some of the easier and most effective ways are as follows.

  • One of the best ways to move your pool table safely is to take it apart. While this may come across as a little time consuming which it is, there is no safer way to move your pool table. Taking apart the different parts of the pool table will make it easier for you to move the pool table from one place to another. This will reduce the risk of damaging the table and moreover, if you do not have any plans to use the table anytime soon, you can also store the parts somewhere safe so that it cannot be damaged.
  • Another way to move your pool table is to use a pool table lift. If you do not have one in your home, this is a method in which you might have to make some investment and buy a handy pool table lift. However, before you purchase the lift, make sure it is able to carry the weight of the pool table.
  • To use the lift, you have to place it under the centre of the pool table and lift it so that you can move the table. However, this method can be a little risky if your pool table is not sturdy enough. Hence, if you want to opt this method on how to move a pool table across the room, check your table’s central beam and make sure it is strong to ensure that you do not end up damaging the table.
  • Collect some of your friends and purchase some furniture sliders if you must. When nothing else works, this might be your last resort because in the event of moving your pool table, you do not want to end up causing any damage to any parts of the table. Using sliders is easy. Ask your friends to lift the table a little and place the sliders on the legs of the table after which you can slide and move the table.
  • You can use dollies to slide the pool table as well but for this, you will require the assistance of at least two or more people. If you have helping hands, you can place the dollies under the table and start sliding it but make sure you carry out this process carefully or you may end up damaging the table. This process, like all other methods, comes with a risk factor therefore, make sure you only try it if you have some people around you ready for help.

Moving your pool table

how to move a pool table across the room

These are some ways on how to move a pool table across the room and as is evident, they all come with a risk factor. However, if you are in an urgent need to move the table, you can use one of the above mentioned methods according to what suits your convenience the best. Another important point is that once you move the table, you will also have to level it to the ground and make sure it is standing well.

Therefore, unless you are ready to go through all this hard work and put in the required effort, do not take the risk because you need not be constantly reminded that buying another pool table may not be the best option.