Tips And Tricks On How To Play Pool Alone

Ever had a solo pool game experience? It could happen anytime when your partner failed to show up or just walked in because you were feeling bored. Now the question that pops up in your mind will be how to play pool alone? Playing pool games is fun, and it is a great way to enjoy your weekends where you wish to have a couple of stress-free hours with your friends. Playing pool games alone can be more interesting when you do not need to compete with anyone but yourself. Moreover, once you play alone, it is easy to figure out the mistakes, practice as many times as you want, and be a master until you play in a group the next time.

It is not at all mandatory that you need a partner to play pool games. You can try various pool games, play solo, setting up time limits, strategies, and rules. For example, you could use all the 15 balls at one go or even play with the minimum number of balls of your preference, to improve the accuracy and efficiency. Every game can be switched in half an hour if you feel you are losing interest. This way, you can try several games and eventually be an expert in all of them. Next time don’t be embarrassed with having a higher share of losses as compared to your partner. Play the pool games alone to know where you lag.

how to play pool

How is a pool game different from Billiards?

Billiards and pool games are both played on a table; hence sound similar to those who love to play these table games. However, Billiards and pool games have different rules and patterns. To consider how to play pool alone? Billiards is played on a table without pockets, and it is a game of three balls, one red and two white, of which one white will be spotted. Conversely, a pool game includes a table with 6 pockets, and you need 9 or 15 balls to play. Here a cue ball is the most significant ball that rules the entire game.

How to start with?

You would often wonder how to begin playing alone if it’s your first time without opponents. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro in pool games to start up the game with some warm-up shots. A line-up drill is a wonderful way to start your pool games and can be played for 10-15 minutes to boost your energy and to freshen up your mind. After a warm-up session, you will officially feel like you are ready to play the real game.

Why should you play pool games alone?

  • Great way to focus on your stroke, precision, and determination
  • Enjoy your success, every time you win
  • Learn some extraordinary moves
  • A much-relaxed atmosphere and an excellent learning phase

Distinct ways for How to play pool alone

how to play pool

In the middle of our pool game with whom we are playing against, we often get stuck with the hard-to-beat angles/ shots, which is where we usually give up. To know How to play pool alone practice the difficult shot/ that corner pocket you often struggle with for at least half an hour to get the hang of the game.

  • Random positions

Now that you are playing alone, take the maximum liberty to place your wish without losing the spirit. Place the balls randomly, in different angles or shapes, and give your best shot. This will change the usual pattern, making the game less boring when you play alone.

  • Incorporate your own rules

For fun and to stay focussed, try to add your own rules, like a penalty or a time limit that will enhance your speed and improve your hand-eye coordination too.

  • Bring in an imaginary opponent.

Think of an imaginary rival while you play, arrange the balls in your favorite manner, and every time you miss, switch to the role of your imaginary opponent to clear the table.

  • Stripes or solids

Make a selection of stripes/ solids and start playing by breaking the balls and pocketing them to win.

  • Three-ball

Arrange the balls like a diamond, mostly 3 balls together. Break the balls and target pocketing them within the minimal hits. You can practice this as many times as you want until you gain a better score than the last time.

  • Cowboy

Cowboy is played in the opposite manner in which a classic 8-ball game is played. While you target the cue ball that hits the object ball to the pocket, an object ball is targeted in a cowboy game that hits the cue ball to the pocket. If you are having issues correcting your angles, or positions, the cowboy is a fantastic option to improve your scores.

  • Speed-game

Play the classic 8-ball game with the time set on the timer. Then, every time you win, set the timer to lower levels to see if you can achieve a better score in the given timeframe.

  • One pocket pool

Here the rule is to knock the ball to specific pockets. Again, you can sharpen your skills and be meticulous if the focus is your weakness while playing.

  • Solo 8 ball pool

Rack the balls in an order similar to the arrangement of a classic 8- ball game. Target the striped balls first and then the spots. The #8 ball in the black goes in finally, but to a nominated pocket that is pre-decided. Once the object balls hit a pocket that is not the nominated one, the player fails.

  • Baca pool

The baca pool involves striking the stripes/ spots as per your choice. But once you encounter a foul, you should be losing 1 point from what you earned. Ideally, you can start with a score of 10 and see how you improve your score every time you play.

  • Fifteen in a row

As the name indicates, you have to try to pot all the 15 balls in a row without making a foul or missing a shot. The penalty if a shot is missed is to start the game from the beginning.

Things to practice while you play pool games alone

While you play pool games alone, develop a firm stance to stand fixed in your position. Practice the ghost ball method to imagine exactly how to play pool alone where the cue ball is going to hit the object. Maintain a good hand bridge to make the perfect moves. Try to attain the perfect pool stroke, otherwise referred to as the pendulum stroke, where the upper arm remains fixed, and the only part of your body that moves will be the elbow.

Gripping too tight on your stick will not give you the results expected. It could make your moves worse. Always make sure that you are hitting right at the center of the ball. Often we wonder, why do players use chalk in the pool games, and is it mandatory? Well, chalk stops the cue ball from sliding over the object. Using chalk is the best way to prevent ‘miscue’. Utilize chalk to manage your pool life, but don’t overdo it.


1 Is it possible to play a solo 8-ball game?

A. Yes, rack the balls and break them, then aim them to the pocket in the same way you play when there is a partner.

2 Which are some of the pool games that you can play alone?

A. Solo 9 or 8, target pool, speed pool, Fargo, fifteen in a row are some of the solo pool games you can play all by yourself.

3 What is a scratch in a pool game?

A. As per the rules, a cue ball must hit the object ball first. Instead, if the cue ball directly goes into the pocket, it means a scratch which means you are giving the authority to your opponent to place the cue ball anywhere on the table for the next shot.

4 What is a ball in hand in a pool game?

A. Ball hand scenario occurs when a player is allowed to place the cue ball anywhere on the table once his opponent makes a foul play.

5 What is the equipment needed for playing a pool game?

A. A pool game can be played using a table, cue sticks, and balls.

6 What is the rule of a bank pool game?

A.  Bank pool can be played with 15 balls.’ but is usually played using 9 balls. The rule is pretty straightforward for a bank pool game wherein the first player should bank five balls in any order he wishes. This could be 8 balls if one uses the full rack.