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How To Properly Care For And Maintain A Foldable Pool Table

A foldable pool table is a very versatile option for having one in your house without having to worry about space constraints. But while buying a foldable pool table, you must also need to consider properly caring for and maintaining it so as well to make it last for a long time. Here are some ways for taking good care of your foldable pool table.

  • Cover The Foldable Pool Table: When you are using the foldable pool table it is important that you keep it covered completely using a bed sheet or a similar kind of cloth. This shall prevent dust from settling over it and also stop the fabric on the pool table from getting faded.
  • Clean It Properly: At least once a week or more often than that if possible, try to clean the foldable pool table using a damp cloth soaked in water. Cleaning it will not only remove any stains over it but also remove the sweat from the palms that have gotten over it during a game.
  • Brush The Surface: After each game gets over, it is important to brush the top of the table to remove the dust of chalk and dirt. You can easily buy a brush from the store from where you have bought the foldable pool table. Using soft strokes, gently brush the table from one corner to the other using the brush. At times using the vacuum cleaner gently to soak up the dust over the table is a good option too.
  • Wipe The Leather Pockets: Using either water or leather cleaning solution on a cloth you can gently clean the leather pockets too. This shall keep the leather soft and moisturized and clean as well.
  • Wipe The Pool Balls: It is equally important to gently wipe and clean the pool balls too. dust and chalk stains get stuck on it during the game. You can either use detergent, ball cleaning solution, or even water too.
  • Avoid Moving The Pool Table: Even though you are using a foldable pool table if moving is not required then try to avoid it. It disturbs the precision of leveling.
  • Do Not Take High-Intensity Shots: Taking high-intensity shots during a game creates friction between the ball and the fabric on the table. This rips the fabric on the table. So try not to make shots with great force.