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How to Replace a Pool Cue Tip: Step-by-Step Guide

You know the importance of pool cues. Being an important piece of pool table equipment, it needs to be in a good condition. It helps in making accurate shots while playing. But, over time, you will find that the tip of the pool cue can be worn out. Though it can be replaced by professionals, sometimes you need to fix it on your own. Hence, if you want to know how to replace a pool cue tip, then keep reading till the end. 

Basic things you must have before replacing Pool Cue Tip

  • Make sure you have the necessary types of equipment. You will need a replacement tip that comes in different styles, sizes, and hardships. You will get Cue tips in size that range from 11mm to 13mm. Check the size of the ferrule on your pool cue and get at least the same size of the Cue tip. how to replace a pool cue tip?
  •  Determine the tip hardness. This depends on your style of playing. It can be used for breaking or for specialty shots. There are short trips, medium tips, hard tips, etc. 
  • Sharp Knife to scrape off remaining glue and old tip. 
  • Sandpaper, Nail Polish Remover
  • Glue
  • Leather Burnisher
  • Shaft Conditioner
  • Tip Clamp
  • Tip Shaper

Arrange the Cue

how to replace a pool cue tip

After gathering all the necessary equipment, the next step is to arrange the Cue. This step includes removing the old tip and scraping off the remaining glue so that the new tip fits properly.   As the knife is sharp, you need to take care of the position of your hands. After removing the old tip, from the top of the ferrule, remove the glue residue. Be careful not to make any mark on the ferrule with the knife. Make the top of the shaft smooth for an even surface by rubbing it against something rough, like sandpaper. You can also clean up the tip and shaft by using some drops of nail polish remover on a paper towel. Check here how to replace a pool cue tip.

Arrange the Tip

In this step, you need to take a piece of fine-grit sandpaper. Place the new tip by laying its flat side down on the sandpaper. Make the tip’s backside smooth by pressing it slightly. You may also need to cut the bottom of the tip using the edge of the knife. This will help to stick the glue firmly. Before gluing, place the tip on the end of the cue. Make sure that the tip lays flat and fits the top of the ferrule perfectly. 

Connect the Tip and How to replace a pool cue tip

Now in a circular motion, apply a few dabs of glue to the top of the shaft. Make sure it covers the shaft when the tip is applied. Apply the tip to the shaft making the flat side down. And quickly arrange it in a particular order in the center. Give a slight pressure to make the glue stick underneath the tip and spread evenly. Make sure the tip is straight and centered. If you feel like making any adjustments, then adjust it quickly before the glue sets. Expect a little glue to come out of the edges. Now use nail polish remover to clean up the edges and shaft with the help of a paper towel. Take care not to touch the top of the tip with the nail polish remover. 

Use the Tip Clamp to keep the tip steady while the glue dries. Keep the shaft for more than an hour or overnight so that the glue gets sufficient time to dry. 

Finishing and Shaping the Tip

how to replace a pool cue tip

Now the glue has dried properly. It’s time to give the finishing. Before proceeding further, once again check the joint to make sure the glue is dry. The tip should not move, even slightly. If it does move, then you need to repeat the steps. With the help of the sandpaper, gently smooth the edges of the tip and joints. If you have used a larger tip, then you need to even it out. Now use the finer grit sandpaper and give a finish using the burnishing leather. The burnishing leather pad gives the perfect finish to the cue and tip and seals the edges of the tip.  If there is any glue that has come out, you can clean it up with the nail polish remover. If you want to add a protective coating to the shaft, you can apply a shaft conditioner at this point. Check now how to replace a pool cue tip.

Now using a tip shaping tool, remove the hard edges of the tip and give it a shape according to your choice. When you are finished, add plenty of chalk to the tip before you start to play with it. 

Thus, you can see that replacing a pool cue tip is a skill. At first, it won’t be that perfect. But eventually, you will be able to replace it like a pro. 


1. How to Choose Quality Tips?

There are many quality cue tips available on the market like Tiger, LePro, Hirano, etc that are preferred by the players. It depends upon your choice and also the price. 

2. When should I replace the tip?

It depends on the type of tip you use and for how long you are using it.  If you use it very rarely, then it will surely last for a long period as compared to regular use by an avid player. If the tips are harder, then they will last longer compared to softer tips. It is also not possible to strike a ball properly if the tip is worn out. Thus, you will know that it is time to replace the tip.