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The Impact of Size and Weight on Foldable Pool Tables: A Guide

Who doesn’t like to have a good game of pool in the house during leisure? It is a great game of the mind where your speed and precision combining both hand and eye coordination are tested. This aspect of the game makes it all the more popular and appealing. Buying a pool table has become all the more flexible and budget-friendly this time. You no longer have to worry about space constraints because now you also get the option for a foldable pool table of different sizes. Let us find out how is the impact of size and weight on foldable pool tables.

Size And Weight On Foldable Pool Table

  • Size: Following the law of standard Physics, the impact of the size of a pool table directly falls on its weight.  It means the weight of the pool table is depended on what size the table is.  Although pool tables come in different sizes and so there is no standard size for them, generally people choose a foldable pool table that measures between six to nine feet. But there is a set standard in the ratio of each of its sizes. A pool table follows the 2:1 ratio.

The weight of the foldable pool table also depends on the type of material which is used for its frames. There are foldable pool tables made of wood, slate, steel, metal, and various other materials. And this adds to a variation to its weight too. But surely foldable pool tables are much lighter in weight than traditional ones. When you set the table on the floor the weight of it gets evenly distributed across its legs or corners, adding to the stability of the pool table.