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4 Olhausen Pool Tables Reviews- A Comprehensive Guide

Family-owned businesses have a certain legacy surrounding them, isn’t it? Such is the story of Ohausen’s. The tagline earned- “The Best In Billiards”, speaks volumes about this family’s dexterity in the pool table arena, and thus it is imperative to put forth Olhausen pool tables reviews. Starting in the 1970s as a small family business, Butch and Donny Olhausen had humble beginnings with 35 pool tables being manufactured per year.



Traditional design:- Olhausen Pool Table 8ft Blackhawk

  • Brandy-wine finish imparting wonderful elegance

  • Diamond honed uniliner slates for smooth playing experience

  • Professionals deliver the product and also carry out unpacking as well as assembling

  • Accessories like cues, balls, rack, rail rush included along with 24 table color cloths to choose from

Budget-friendly:- Olhausen Pool Table 8ft Belmont                      

  • High grade rubber in accu-fast cushions

  • Matte cherry finish lends a royal touch

  • High quality tulipwood makes the product highly durable

  • No chemical smell found in other pool tables

Professional’s Choice- Olhausen Pool Table 8ft Hampton

  • Mahogany stain gives the table a royal touch

  • Sturdy leather pockets

  • Diamond honed slate and slate liner bolding gives the table both smoothness and strength

  • Carved legs and large drop pockets

Contemporary model:- Olhausen Pool Table 8ft Breckenridge         

  • Can last for long and bear heavy wear and tear

  • Smooth, levelled, and flat playing surface like no other pool table

  • Least noise during play and no vibrations due to use of high-grade rubber

  • Buffalo nickel sights and sturdy leather pockets

The contractual nature of their job expanded to a full-time takeover of the manufacturing firm, they were associated with, and hereby, establishing the Olhausen brand. Running four generations deep, the brand honors its customers with quality products and great customer service.

Before embarking on a full-length review, here’s a fun fact- Did you know that Olhausen can get you matching parts for pool tables manufactured as early as the 1980s? Yes, you can term it as a lifetime warranty and that is the case with Olhausen. If you have a damaged part and the pool table is a bit of an Olhausen antique, all you need to do is send in the part and the rest would be looked after by them producing matching parts according to the stain.

Olhausen pool tables reviews-Buying guide

Factors to consider for olhausen pool tables reviews

Now, while choosing pool tables be it any brand, certain factors are key to making a perfect choice. What are they? Let’s dig in-

1. FRAMES– Pool table frames can be wooden or made from MDF, or any material of your choice. The one thing which should be universally considered while choosing frames for pool tables is one center beam and two cross beams availability. Large slates need more framing as the lack of support can cause the slate to get uneven with time.

2. SIZE– Generally, pool tables come in three sizes of 7, 8, and 9 feet. Now, size is a very important factor as the size of the cue and the space that can be designated to the pool table in your house or clubhouse determine the size of the pool table. Along with standard, large, and bar, there is another tabletop size known as mini, mainly for children’s usage.

3. PRICE– Price is a consideration for buying any item. In a cheaper range, there are pool tables available. However, don’t compromise on durability, quality, and materials used for making the entire product.

4. SLATE– The region lying under the cloth available in one piece and three pieces, known as slate is a deciding factor when it comes to making choices for pool tables. Although there are substitutes available in the market, like plywood, slatex, and fiberboard, nothing gives the smooth and flat experience of slate. The preferred thickness of the slate should be a 1″ slate.

5. ACCESSORIES– Pool cues, bridge sticks, Billiard balls, pool ball racks, cue repair kits, and pool cue cases, are some of the important pieces of equipment for playing pool games.

These main factors dictate the reviews for pool tables. Other subsidiary factors include- conversion, foldability, drop pockets, and eco-friendliness. And it turns out, Olhausen pool tables reviews stand tall on all factors.

Olhausen pool tables reviews

Olhausen makes pool tables based on needs and is divided into categories, namely, traditional, contemporary, tournament, and outdoor series, to name a few. Here, we will be looking at four different Olhausen pool tables and going through their vivid features to analyze broadly why they are one of the leading pool table makers.

1. Olhausen Billiards 8ft Blackhawk Pool Table

olhausen pool tables reviews


Color- 2 tone Matte Black and Brandywine Stain

Base Material- Maple Wood, Plastic, Wood

Size- 8′

Weight- About 700lbs

Olhausen Pool Tables Dimensions– 54″ × 98″


This elegant piece from the Olhausen Billiards Portland Series has high endurance. Equipped with Accu-fast rubber cushions, and framed slate, the pool table offers maximum stability.


The installation of these pool tables is carried out by the certified Olhausen Billiards service team. If it is bought from a certified retailer, all the installation and servicing costs are borne in-house. Also, this pool table doesn’t wear out easily like pool tables manufactured these days.


This top-quality material is ready to play package loaded with Olhausen pool table accessories like cues, balls, cue rack, ball triangle, ball rack as well as rail brush. The traditional design of the pool table is something to marvel upon.


1. Uniliner body design

2. Construction- T-Nut

3. Fully framed smooth slate 

4. Installation in 2 hours


1. Price is on the higher side

2. Olhausen pool tables prices are not cheap

What’s New?

It can be upgraded from the standard version to the pro version using cavalier rails. Also, it can be upgraded to add extension drawers for keeping the pool table accessories.

Why should you buy it?

With all Olhausen pool tables, there is a sense of royalty associated. The American brand provides a lifetime warranty for products therefore repairing is never an issue. The superior design, color, and class exhibited by the product should be reason enough for purchasing this item.

2. Olhausen Billiards 8ft Belmont Pool Table

olhausen pool tables reviews


Color- Original Matte with a Cherry Finish

Base Material- Solid Maple and Fruitwood

Size- 8″

Weight- About 725lbs

Olhausen Pool Tables Dimensions- 97×52×32 inches


Customers rave about the quality and how this royalty is one of the finest produced products by the company with impeccable service provided by the team. Three major points which make this product stand out are consistency, functionality, and performance.


The look and the professional base help this Olhausen model to grab not just eyed but also add performance to the tick list. Durability is the main factor that wins for this product compared to its competitors.


At this price range, it is suitable for both personal and professional use. It is considered the budget-friendly Olhausen pool table.


1. Smooth and leveled playing surface.

2. Diamond honed slate

3. Accu-fast cushions 


1. Bulky and heavy

2. Olhausen pool tables prices are not cheap

What’s New?

The chemical smell accompanying pool tables is certainly not a part of this model. Also, with 24 cloth color choices, one doesn’t need to compromise the look. Alongside, the cushions cut out vibrations while playing, making it really comfortable for players.

Why should you buy it?

Olhausen tables have this standard quality which is universally acknowledged. The delivery of the product is always on time and not to mention the installation time is less than 2 hours. One doesn’t need to fuss with the Olhausen pool table assembly manual to assemble the table as professionals take care of it. The durable nature owing to the quality construction makes up for the price range it belongs to.

3. Olhausen Billiards 8ft Hampton Pool Table

olhausen pool tables reviews


Color- Heritage Mahogany

Base Material- Maple Wood and Mahogany Wood, along with Plastic and Wood

Size- 8″

Weight- About 725 lbs

Olhausen Pool Table Dimensions- 98×54×32 inches


The diamond honed slate with its smooth and flat surface and proper bolting lends the pool table a functional touch. As the wood construction includes uniliner, therefore the pool is sturdy and well built. The product has great reviews especially from professional quarters.


The loaded features in this price make it a must-buy and help the pool table to soar ahead easily from the competitors. The finest Canadian Maple wood makes the pool table durable and it can last in the long run easily.


Like most Olhausen pool tables, it comes with ready to play package (Olhausen pool table assembly instructions are provided) and also has a cue drawer installed in the setup. Olhausen pool table accessories are a part of the entire package.


1. Bolted through slate liner 

2. Uniliner body design

3. T- Nut Rail construction

4. Accu-fast cushions


1. Bulky and heavy weight

2. Pricier than alternatives

3. Mahogany design is not maintainable in all environments

What’s New?

There are large leather made drop pockets made by the brand so that it is equally sturdy compared to the table. Another new feature is the carved legs which give the table a regal touch.

Why should you buy it?

It gives both performances and is even stylishly flaunt-worthy. The robust and masculine aspect of Hampton Pool Table along with lifelong service makes this an obvious choice for pool lovers.

4. Olhausen Billiards 8ft Breckenridge Pool Table

olhausen pool tables reviews


Color- Matte Breckenridge Stain

Base Material- Maple Wood, Pine Wood and Plastic material

Size- 8″

Weight- around 850lbs

Olhausen Pool Table Dimensions- 44″×88″ inside the rails, 57″×101″ outside


This pool table is designed specifically to last with the least amount of wear and tear for the longest period. With a supremely smooth playing surface and flat slate, playing is an enjoyable experience.


Compared to other cheap and least classy pool tables, Breckenridge is built using the best raw materials and machinery. It cannot be compared to other pool tables simply because this is Olhausen’s finest and is doubly well built and strong.


While playing, there is no noise and vibration experienced by players. This model with its rustic features is suitable for both home and workplace.


1.  Accu-fast cushions

2. No cost installation

3. Surface cloth available in various colors

4. On time delivery


  1. Not suitable for small spaces
  2. Pricier than alternatives

What’s New?

The trademark Olhausen logo has new companions in the form of Buffalo nickel sights and sturdy black leather pockets.

Why should you buy it?

All the pool table accessories are available with the package and no extra installation costs or cloth costs are added. The simple style would appeal especially to those who do not prefer ornate designs. Made in the USA with the best materials, this pool table simply is the best in the league.

Concluding Comments

Comparing four of the premium Olhausen products and getting a proper lowdown must have rendered a proper idea of which product is suited for which purpose. However, before buying a pool table consider properly the size of the room where the table is to be kept. Whether the room needs a contemporary model or a regal piece, should be understood by keeping in mind the interiors of the room.

Next, Olhausen pool table assembly instructions to disassemble a pool table would give you an insight on the breaking down. Also, YouTube tutorials using Olhausen pool table assembly manual run through the entire process of disassembling. However, it is best suggested to call a professional as there are specific ways in which the cloth has to be removed. The process is complex and any wrong move can damage the table.

Taking care of the pool table includes keeping the pool surface dry and covered. Avoid sitting on the table because that harms the table’s smoothness. Always clean the table in regular intervals so that the polish and the texture look new. Olhausen although comes with a lifelong warranty factor and that suggests how crafty their work is that rarely they can provide lifelong services.


1. How thick is the slate on an Olhausen pool table?

A three-piece slate is commonly used by Olhausen with a diamond finish and polish. This allows the slate a smooth and flat surface. The thickness of the plate is 7/8″ inches with three mandatory checks. The leveled slates make Olhausen, one of the best brands for pool tables.

2. Are all Olhausen pool tables slate?

Yes, all Olhausen tables have common slates with the preferred thickness and three-piece engineering. The uniliner, Accu-fast cushions, and framed slates are universal features found in all olhausen pool tables reviews.

3. Are olhausen pool tables any good?

Considered to be one of the best pool table makers originating from the USA, Olhausen offers a lifetime warranty showing their reliance on the product’s durability and stability. Olhausen’s make strong pool tables with both contemporary and antique designs. Frames, cushions, cloth, and wood are of superior quality.