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Outdoor Pool Table Cover – Protect Your Table from the Elements

An outdoor pool table cover needs to have all sets of right qualities, so that the unique styling with it also performs the work of protecting it against any kind of damage. When a person buys a pool table for themselves they buy it with a target of getting the correct product. The best product can only be bought if given a good long thought. There we will help you guide through the best two pool table covers.



WOMACO- The pool table cover

  • Waterproof

  • Heat resistant

  • Strong material

  • Affordable rates

GEMITTO 7/8/9 ft Pool Table Cover

  • Dustproof

  • Snow proof

  • Wind proof

  • Durable

Outdoor pool table cover-Buying guide

A sorted and clear-headed buyer would definitely want o have a brief description about the factors to look for before buying an outdoor pool table cover. An outdoor pool table cover with skirt is considered simply a lot because it’s the easiest available choice. These covers come in different sizes like- outdoor pool table cover 6ft, outdoor pool table cover 7ft or outdoor pool table cover 9ft.A few factors are enlisted below-

  • Proper quality of material of cover
  • Choose a waterproof material
  • Stable designs so that they don’t lose durability and life cycle
  • All sizes available easily
  • Must have a good warranty period

To get a better insight for the same click here-

Outdoor pool table cover reviews

1.WOMACO- The pool table cover

outdoor pool table cover


  • Brand: WOMACO is both the manufacturer and brand
  • Size: 7 ft.
  • Included component: Just a black coloured cover
  • Material: Full 7 feet cover made from polyster


This product has proven itself to be efficient enough to save the pool table. The outdoor pool table cover with skirt is really a beneficial buy. The outdoor pool table cover 7ft is a well-made design. Giving full coverage and all-around approach to the product. This is the best waterproof outdoor pool table cover.


Bette from the other products of the same category, this product gives several options. Universal sizes that it has to offer is a quality that people love in this product.


Can be used by all age group for different sizes. Outdoor pool table cover 6ftand outdoor pool table cover 8ftare sold in bulk. It is a completely water-resistant cover.


  • Durable material
  • Comes with a warranty card
  • Best price


  • Polyester might get prone to rain bacteria
  • Might be easily removable

What’s new?

The new features added to this best waterproof outdoor cover for pool table is the fact that it is actually made evolution and become immensely water resistant. Compared to last versions that were made.

Why you should buy it?

There are a few points which a buyer will have to consider before buying the product. They must check if the product and seller is genuine and honest enough. Check the warranty related details. Check the products reviews online always. To know about other best features of a pool table cover click here

outdoor pool table cover

2.GEMITTO 7/8/9 ft Pool Table Cover

outdoor pool table cover


  • Brand: GEMITTO
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 2.94 Pounds
  • Features: UV Proof, Waterproof


This cover has proven a lot of times to be outdoor weatherproof pool table cover. The mere simple yet unique designs make these covers a great one. Water resistant is the main feature that makes this table a preferred choice for a lot people.


Compared to other table covers, this outdoor weatherproof pool table cover works better in terms of quality. This is a really perfect size measured and fine working cover. Extremely resistant to heat and other weather conditions this cover proves to be a fair one.


The game equipment issupplemental special UV-resistant coating, the owner doesn’t need to worry about the outdoor waterproof pool table covers being broken beneath the new sun. The cover can be used with any kind of table in a very friendly way. All age groups and categories of people can use it in an easy manner.


  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Strong material
  • Stable design
  • Long lasting impact


  • Material might be not resistant
  • Light weight

What’s new?

The heavy-duty outdoor pool table coveris reformed to a real great extent. It has now turned into an advantageous form of strong material cover. That is weather proof.

Why you should buy it?

There are several benefits of buying this heavy-duty outdoor pool table cover. For one, this table cover is strong and non-tear able. This cover comes up with warranty and that is an add on advantage.

outdoor pool table cover


1. Should you cover a pool table?

Yes, it is necessary to cover a pool table. To make sure that the table’s life is long enough.

2. Are pool covers waterproof?

Yes, pool covers of these two brands are specifically waterproof. And generally, pool table covers are weatherproof too.

3. How to protect a pool table outside?

Use a pool table cover, or paint it. This paint creates a barrier for the table and weather.

4. What is the best pool table cover?

The best pool table covers are GEMITTO 7/8/9 ft Pool Table Cover and WOMACO pool table cover.