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10 Tips For Maintaining And Cleaning Your Kids’ Pool Table

A game of pool is surely very beneficial for the growth of the mental abilities of your kid but indeed it needs special care to maintain and clean it. Here are 10 ways by which you can easily take care of the pool table for kids

  1. Cleaning The Cloth: Your kid’s pool table is generally made of either felt or cloth which requires to be cleaned after every game session. You can use a soft brush for cleaning it and protecting it from damage. Also, ensure you brush it following a set pattern of single strokes and do it gently. An irregular pattern of brushing shall tear its felt.

You can even use a vacuum cleaner especially for removing dust from the pockets. If there are any liquid spills on the pool table use a damp cloth or foam cleaner for cleaning it.

  1.  Wood: It is equally important for cleaning the wooden structure of the pool table of your kid. Use a damp cloth for wiping the dust and stains on it. If you polish the wood once each year it will not only make the pool table look good but also increase its longevity too.
  2. Clean The Pool Balls: Kids often remain carless while touching the pool balls. So there is every possibility of having stains or dust on them. You can either use a mild detergent for cleaning the heavier stains or can wipe them with a damp cloth too.
  3. Cover The Pool Table: When your kid is not playing the pool it is important that you keep the pool table covered. This shall protect it from sunlight which can fade the felt, dust, and even from pets’ hair if you happen to have any pets in the house. Generally, pets tend to follow the kids all around the house so there is every chance for the hair to settle on the pool table.
  4. Place A table Near The Pool Table: For proper maintenance of the kids’ pool table put a spare table in the games room so that your kid or his friends can keep their food or water bottle on it. This shall stop them from causally keeping their food or drinks on the pool table.
  5. Prevent The Kids From Sitting On The Edge: Kids generally tend to put pressure on the foamy edge on the corners of the pool table. Sometimes they put the pets on it too. This shall sink the edge. Ensure that they do not sit or put pressure on the edges.
  6. Prevent The Pool Balls From Bouncing On The Floor: You must instruct the kids not to bounce the pool ball on the floor for it shall get damaged otherwise.
  7. Stop The Kid From Taking Hard Shots: Hard or forceful shots shall tear the felt very soon. Prevent the kids from doing so.
  8. Ensure No Other Games Are Played On The Pool Table: The pool table for kids is more fragile. So you must instruct them on not to play any other game on the pool table to avoid damage.
  9. No Drawings On The Pool Table: Kids often tend to scribble or doodle. You must instruct them not to make any drawings or put stickers on the pool table. It shall destroy the felt.