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Type Of Billiard Games

There are many different type of billiard games that can be played on a billiard table. There are different games available. There are professional players who might know about all the games. In this article, you will get to know about the different types of billiard games that can be played easily. 

How is snooker played?

To play snooker you will require a billiard table that has got six pockets. You will also need one white cue ball and standard balls that are twenty-two in number. The cue ball can be easily used as a striking ball and the other balls can be arranged in the correct order. Every time a player will pocket a ball, they will earn certain points. The players can take as many shots as possible. This helps in the continuous pocketing of the balls. If the player hits the wrong ball then it will be considered a foul. So, that needs to be checked properly. 

What is one pocket game?

type of billiard games

This game is another famous game that can be played on the billiard table. This game also contains six pockets in total. The player can use only one pocket at a time. This, the name of the game is set according. The ball needs to be thrown into the chosen pocket itself. If the opponent has chosen a pocket and the ball enters it, then the opponent will earn the points. So, it is important to choose the best shots. That case becomes foul. Then the balls are again arranged in a good manner and the game starts being played again. 

What is the objective of the carom game?

The main objective of this game is that players should show their skills nicely. They have to bring the cue balls over the cue balls of the opponent. You will have to hit the right cue ball. If the player succeeds in doing this, then they may win a point. There are many types of variations present in the carom game. You have to play with the opponent very carefully. The team should be made keeping all the points in mind. The artistic billiards is also famous that is a different kind of carom played. That also needs to be played with full accuracy. 

How is the straight pool game played?

type of billiard games

To play this game the players will require fifteen object balls and one cue ball. When the game begins the first fifteen balls are ranked in the center of the table. The other two balls can touch the rail. The cue ball is also allowed to touch the rail. The players are told to stroke any one ball that is oh the rank. There should not be any errors in order to avoid the foul. The points determine the rankings of the players. The balls and the total pockets will determine the earnings nicely. At the beginning of the game, both the teams will have to agree on the maximum number of points. 

What are the other billiard games?

  • Cutthroat is another billiard game that is very flexible. It allows the players to play in different teams. They can also decide the total number of balls that can be used during the game. If the game is played in a standard manner then the team gets to receive only five balls. The balls are easily numbered for distinction. There is a specific objective of the game. It is to pocket the balls of the players and the last ball will remain on the table. The player whose ball remains on the table finally wins the game. The players will be able to sink one of the balls. So, this will help them to remain at the top of the competition. 
  • Another game is Nine Ball. The main objective of this game is that the players should use the cue balls and the pockets effectively to win the game. All the nine balls are racked and the players are required to break the bank. It has also many variations. 


1) How is a billiard game played?

The billiard game is played on a rectangular table where small balls and a long stick are present. The long stick is called a cue stick. The table and the rail that is perfectly arranged are fitted with a cloth. Some billiard games can be played on a table that has got no pockets. 

2) What is the goal of a billiard game?

The main goal of a billiard game is to win more points than the rival team. The teams agree on an amount to win the game. It requires the presence of the mind.