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What Cue Tip Do The Pros Use?

If you are a professional billiard player then you must know the importance of cue tips for the game to be played. The ones who are beginners will not face much trouble. Also, many people wonder what cue tip the pros use. For players who are professional it is important to know the accuracy of the shot. For that, the players need to use the cue tips that are provided by the companies. The players can use the cue tips depending on their comfort and their health. Let us check some of the cue tips that the pro players need. 

What are triangle cue tips?

what cue tip do the pros use

The triangle cue tips that are found are made from Chrome Tanned Leather. These cue tips contain good coarse grain so that the density is maintained nicely. They will be available to the players at a range of 12 millimetres to fourteen. The players use these cue tips to acquire a better cue ball shot. They are also called the hard cue tips. It is well known for chalk retention. They will not allow the mushrooming to rise high. To avoid any kind of miscue these cue tips can be the best option for the players. So, the players must choose them accordingly. 

Why is the Kamui pool tip famous?

The Kamui laminated pool tip that you see is used by most of the players. These are made from vegetable-tanned leather. It is specially designed so that it can add more spin to the ball. It has got high durability and also high elasticity. It is far better than the chrome-tanned leather that you see. If you want more speed and an accurate shot then you can choose this. This tip is really very easy to use and soft. They are mostly popular because of the grip that you will see. You will also get it available in the range of fourteen millimetre. 

Why choose the cue soul cue tip?

what cue tip do the pros use

If you are a pro player and want a cue tip on affordable budget then you can easily check the cue soul cue tip. They are the best for pro players. They are capable enough to hold the chalk for a long time. This is a cue tip that is very easy to adjust and will fit into a shape. It will adjust both the pool cues. It gives a very good grip and is loved by the players. You can also choose the hardness if you want. They are found in all different forms. The price is also affordable and you can buy it easily. 

Why to choose a cue tip from a good brand?

If you are looking for a cue tip from a good brand then you can choose the Moori Laminated Billiard Cue tip. It is used by the professional players very nicely. It has given a good performance till date. This tip can be used by all professional players. It can be used for both pool cues and also snooker cues. It is available at a range of twelve to fourteen millimeters. 

Which cue tips give better performance?

If you want to know the cue tips that are good in giving better performance then you can easily check the Elk master Professional Cue tip. It is also loved by the pro players. It is one of the best-selling cue tips sold in the market. It is made from Blue Chrome Leather. If you put in little effort, this cue tip will give you an extra spin. This is one major advantage. There is also a premium version available for the pro players. They will give you a very decent shot. The call retention capacity is also far better than the other duplicate ones. 

Le Professional cue tips are also available in the market. They are made from oak leather. It is completely sealed with a protective coating and it preserves the leather for better performance in the future also. They are very reliable and solid. 


1) How to select the right cue tip?

The very first step to selecting the right cue tip is to choose the diameter of it correctly. The next important step is to consider the weight of the cue tip. When you choose the shaft diameter then try to use the right hand. The last step is to apply a shaft taper. 

2) What are the benefits of a cue tip?

The very first benefit is that you will get better spins. You should always choose a cue tip that is round in shape. It will help to get firm shots.