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Buy Pool Table Pocket Reducers: Improve Your Game Now

Are you trying different tips and tricks to get better at the pool? Then why not think about investing in pool table pocket reducers? If you wish to find an effective yet simple of improving every aspect of your pool game, then this is a fantastic tool to do so. Of course, the right technique and practice have a fair share in improving the game, but the right tools of trade matter too.

Pool table pocket reducers are what they sound like, they reduce the size of pockets. They extend the bumpers, and the player is forced to take a better aim. The player has to pay more attention to their shots with pool table pocket reducers. 

With this accessory, the shots that were easy to make will now be difficult, which will improve your accuracy and empower your skills. The pool table pocket reducers are made with pyramid-shaped rubber blocks. These fit snuggly to the pockets and reduce the size by about 30%, which leaves space just a little more than the size of the ball. 

Pool table pocket reducers – Buying guide

Features to consider before buying pool table pocket reducers

These are the factors and features you will find in pool table pocket reducers. Do check these out before buying one.

A package with multiple reducers: You will obviously want to better your shots at all pockets, and hence you need multiple pool table pocket reducers and can’t settle with one. Therefore, buy a pack of multiple reducers so that they are uniform and fit in every pocket uniformly.

Ease of installation: There is no point in having pool table pocket reducers that can’t fit in easily or take a lot of time for installation. If you are in a pool club or have a table that is used by many members, everyone has different levels of mastery. If your pool table is shared by a novice, then it will make it difficult for them to learn how to pocket a ball. So, the pocket reducer you buy must be easy to install and easy to remove.

Budget and price: Since they are just an accessory and not the major component of a pool game i.e. pool table and pool cue, they should not be costly enough to burn a hole in your pocket. The ideal package of pool table pocket reducers will be available under budget for sure. Do check out our recommendation for an under-budget pool table pocket reducers.

Pool table pocket reducers Review

Practice Pro Pocket Reducers

Practice Pro Pocket Reducers


If you want to improve your game and have precision shots, then practice pro-pocket reducers are the right accessory for you. These are budget-friendly easy to install pool table pocket reducers that are available everywhere online. They come in a set of six, which is thoughtful considering your game improves for every pocket at once. 


Brand: Practice Pro

Weight: ‎0.95 Pounds

Item Dimensions: ‎12 x 9.8 x 3.7 inches

The material used: Rubber, Aluminum, Derlin


You can call it the best pool table pocket reducer because it is quick to install, unlike its competitors who need to be specially installed and ask for permanent modifications, making the table unusable for multiple players of different skill sets. 


Pro and intermediate skill set players can use pool table pocket reducers to further enhance their level of accuracy and precision. Since it is easy to install and remove, it can be used on a shared pool table too. 


  • It has a compact size
  • Easy to move.
  • Offers accuracy and precision
  • Rubber, Aluminium, and Derlin body
  • Fits easily around the pocket.
  • Worth the price
  • A pack of six pockets


  • Slightly pricey
  • Can’t put it for long hours.

What’s New?

The improved grip provides better support at the pocket. Therefore, there is just enough space for the ball to roll in and your game will entirely rely upon how you play and not any other factor. A made in USA product that is equally loved by all its users. An intermediate player must try this accessory to improve their game.

Why should you buy it? 

If you are looking forward to improving your game at billiards, then the pool table pocket reducers are worth your price, money, and effort. It is highly recommended by expert pool players for those who are looking forward to improving their game in terms of precision and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are pocket reducers worth the effort?

Answer: Entirely! These are great for players who know all kinds of shots but want to work out more on accuracy and precision.

2. Who is offering the best pool table pocket reducers? 

Answer: Practice pro, a part of Mueller recreational products Inc. is offering the best pool table pocket reducers that are easy to install, easy to remove, easy to carry, and come with a package of six. You can find it easily on any online store. 

3. Why use pool table pocket reducers?

Answer: If you are looking forward to making a professional debut, you must sharpen your skills first, which is where the role of pool table pocket reducers comes from. They reduce the size so you have to involve more focus into your game to improve the shot.

4. How do pool table pocket reducers work? 

Answer: Pool table pocket reducers firmly get attached to the sides of pockets, reducing their side. They reduce the size of pockets by up to 30% leaving only enough space for the ball to a role inside the pocket. By doing this, the gap for rolling the ball becomes slow and hence, you have to involve all your focus and angle into the particular shot. That’s why pro players highly recommend investing in a pool table pocket reducer to effectively play a game.