Snooker Table Setup And The Rules

The snooker table setup is arranging the balls on the table. There are 22 balls in the game, with 15 red balls, one white ball, one yellow, one green, one brown, one blue, one pink, and one black. The 15 red balls should be positioned in a triangle shape. In front of the triangle is placed a pink ball, and behind placed is the black ball. On the baulk line at the other end, the brown ball is placed in the middle position.

Factors to look for in a snooker table set up

The snooker table is large compared to the pool table.

The standard height of a snooker table layout and rules is between 11ft to 12ft, and the bed of the falls low.

The snooker table has six pockets, but the pocket size is small in size.

snooker table setup

Snooker table assembly instructions:

1. First, place the red balls in a triangle shape.

2. On the baulk line, place the green, brown and yellow balls. The brown ball is placed in the middle, within the D. To the left within D, place the green ball, and to the right within D place the yellow ball.

3. On the center of the table, place the blue ball.

4. Below the blue ball, place the pink ball.

5. The pink and black balls are positioned between the red balls.

Snooker table layout and rules

First, table set up for snooker, a player needs to break the game. After that, players take their turn to sink the balls in the pocket to score the points. A red ball must be the first to be pocketed before any other colored balls. Red balls score you one point, whereas other color balls have different points.

Black: 7 Points

Brown: 4 Points

Yellow: 2 Points

Green: 3 Points

Blue: 5 Points

Pink: 6 Points

Green: 3 Points

snooker table setup

You need to follow the rules and keep few balls in your pocket, and the other colored balls are taken out after they fall in the pockets. Each frame is completed when all the red balls are pocketed. Then the players tally up the points to record the score. Snooker is always played based on a predetermined number of points until one of the players reaches the number first.


1. How to set a snooker table?

The blue ball rest completely in the middle of the table. The red balls are positioned in a triangle shape, and the pink ball is positioned behind the blue ball, on top of the cushion of red balls, as close as possible but not touching the red ball.

2. How is the snooker table set up?

The 15 red balls should be placed in a triangle shape and positioned just behind the foot spot. In front of the triangle, a pink ball is placed and behind it, the black. On the baulk line at the other end of the table, the brown ball is placed in the middle.