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How to Rack Pool Balls: A Step-by-Step Guide

A pool is a table game where the total number of balls being placed on the pool table varies. The number is decided based on the type of game being played. How to rack pool balls is also considered to be a hybrid game as it is a mixture of carom and billiards.

Some of the popular pool games include eight-ball, black ball, nine-ball, ten-ball, seven-ball, straight ball, one-pocket, and bank-pool.  Let’s read about each of each them separately.

Eight Ball: Eight Ball pool game as the name suggests is a pool table, where the total number of balls being placed is eight. Two players are allowed to lay the game at a single point in time. Each of the players gets a chance.

If a player can score a point by striking the ball and making it move in the pocket, then the player gets a second chance. Similarly, if he or she can score the second time then he or she gets another chance.

how to rack pool balls

How to rack pool balls 8 ball?

Racking the right way is important. You can either do a toss or select by several votes for selecting the player who will be shooting and breaking the rack. The other player will be at the other end and will get a chance on the second turn to shoot. There are a lot of different ways in which a player can rack the stack.

The most common way how to rack pool ballsin 8 ball pool is the triangular form. It might sound to be confusing at first, but if a person knows the correct way of placing the balls while abiding by the rules, it becomes a lot easier. 8 balls is a game where there are 8 balls in total on the table. Players target a maximum number of points. Whichever player can get the highest score wins the game. There are certain steps involved on how to rack pool balls 8 balls. Let’s now have a look at it.

  1. Choose the player who breaks the rack: To choose the player, there are two ways. You can either do a toss or go by the lag test. You might be confused hearing the term lag test. A lag test is a test where both the players are given a ball each and told to shoot. The player whose ball touches the cushion at the other end of the table and moves back to a point closest from where they shot the balls wins the lag test.
  2. Locate the black and white dot: There are two dots on the pool table. These points indicate that these are the farthest points from both the players on the table. This point is used as a reference point to make the stack of 8 ball pools.
  3. Place the triangle stack with the top point as reference: The black and white dot is to be made the reference point and the stack should be aligned accordingly. The first ball of the triangle stackis to be placed in alignment with the black dot.
  4. Alignment should be such that the end of the stack is in sync with the shortest end of the table: While setting up the stack we should check that the end of the stack is aligned with the shortest end. This way both the players get a fair and equal chance of shooting the balls and scoring points.

These were a few points that are to be kept in mind while placing the stack.

How to rack billiard balls?

There are different types of pool ball games. One of the most commonly played pool games is the billiard game. In this section, let’s have a look at how to rack the billiard balls.

how to rack pool balls

The racking of billiard balls is important and must be placed by rules. The pool game is also known as the billiards game. The billiards game is played in different types and accordingly, the shape of the stack is decided.

The most common type of stacking the rack is the equilateral triangle. In this, you have to place the balls such that all the balls are at equidistance from both the players. This game makes sure that a fair chance is given to both the players. The point at which the stack is placed is the farthest from both and they need to shoot the balls with greater force for the first strike.

How to rack English pool balls?

In the English how-to rack pool balls, we have 7 black balls, 7 yellow balls, and eight balls. It is set up using alternate lines of red and yellow balls. Two extra yellow balls are placed on the left side to create a flower-like structure.

This makes it easier to differentiate between the different types of pool table. The eight ball is placed in the center of the rack as it is the most important ball and consists of the most points. The player at last always targets the eight ball as potting would fetch a lot of extra points which makes it easier for the player to win the game.

The middle point where the eight ball is placed is known as the foot spot. The foot spot is surrounded by all the other balls and which makes it a protected one. A player can only target the eight balls after they finish potting the maximum number of balls. The last ball to be potted should be the eight ball.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the different ways of potting pool balls. We read how to rack pool balls and how they can be stacked. We also read about the black-and-white points.