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How to Clean Pool Balls: A Step-by-Step Guide

This article will guide you on and answer all your questions revolving around how to clean pool balls. Pool is a popular game among people of all ages, it is played on a table with balls and a cue. The main aim of the game is to strike the object balls with the cue and attempt to put the object balls into the pockets. The game has become popular because of its ease of play, the fact that it is a game that is easily learnt and that it is a game that everybody can play. If you are someone who owns a pool table at home or manages one at work, it is necessary to keep pool balls clean

How to clean pool balls at home

If you own a pool table at home and have decided to undertake the task of keeping the balls clean yourself, here are a few simple steps you can follow. 

The only basic things you will need are 

  1. Soap 
  2. Water 

Start by placing the balls under running lukewarm water and washing off any surface dust that may have collected. Then gently scrub each pool ball with a mild detergent or soap. Rinse and leave them to dry. Your pool balls will then look as good as new. Check here how to clean pool balls at home.

How to clean pool balls that have yellowed

how to clean pool balls

Not cleaning your pool balls over a long period of time results in them getting a yellow tinge over their surface. Although, this can be removed by either following a simple process or by using any chemical-based cleaning agents available in the market. 

To do this at home, you can soak in the pool balls for 10-15 minutes in lukewarm water before scrubbing them with a mild detergent. Repeat the process until the yellow tinge wears off. 

This will help your pool balls retain their pristine shine for long durations. 

How to clean aramith pool balls

Pool balls can be of two types- Polyester based pool balls and Aramith based pool balls. They require different water temperatures for them to look their best with Aramith balls requiring higher temperatures. They are more expensive than polyester balls, but are also more durable and can last longer. They are very similar to standard pool balls but their materials are softer and can be less hard and can have a more matte finish whereas polyester balls are harder and glossier. This article will guide you how to clean pool balls.

How to clean and shine pool balls

how to clean pool balls

A container is recommended for storing the pool balls and it is recommended not to store the balls in a dusty place, as the dust could cause the pool balls to scratch each other. Using the proper cleaning materials will help prevent the ball from being ruined. It is therefore recommended that the ball be stored in a cool, clean place.

What’s the best way to know how to clean pool balls

It is best to use a brush and a towel, as the brush will not damage the surface. The scrubbing process will remove oil from the pool ball. Using an additional cleaner to prevent the surface from drying and building up oil. You can also use a cleaner to clean the balls after you have finished playing.

How to clean chalk marks off pool balls

To clean chalk marks off pool balls, the ball is placed on a hard surface and a brush is used to clean the surface of the ball. The brush is scrubbed back and forth and across the surface until all marks are either gone or are less visible. A wet towel is then used to remove the dirt. Cleaning pool balls with soap and water is a good idea to prevent the ball from being damaged and losing its finish.


1.Can you wash pool balls in a dishwasher?

Although washing objects in a dishwasher is the quickest way to get them cleaned, it is not advisable to wash your pool balls in them. Even in the lowest setting, the dishwasher might have a certain temperature and speed setting that is not suitable for the balls. 

The material will wear off due to excessive friction in the long run and they may get damaged quicker than usual. 

2.How to clean old pool balls?

Cleaning old pool balls can be done using the right tools. This makes the tasks much more accessible, making it easy for you to clean the pool balls, and making them last for a longer period of time.

Once cleaned properly with the right equipment, old pool balls can look as good as new and will be ready to play with anytime. It is necessary to maintain and clean them at regular time intervals. 

3.How often to clean pool balls?

Clean your pool balls once every week is recommended by pool experts. This is necessary because it avoids any excess build-up that may be difficult to clean later and helps the balls look appealing to play with. 

It is also easier to play with clean balls as they don’t slide off due to the dust built around them.   

4.How to polish pool balls?

Polishing your pool balls helps them get a sheen that makes them look professionally cleaned. There are multiple polishes available in the market that are specifically made to polish pool balls. 

However, it is important to understand that you should not use regular wax to polish your pool balls as it affects the way the balls slide across the table. 

5.Can you wash pool balls in a dishwasher?

No, in order for your pool balls to stay in playable shape in the long run, we recommend not to using dishwasher to clean them. Cleaning pool balls is better done by hand using mild soaps and dried off using towels gently for them to not be damaged by heat or any chemical reactions.