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How To Measure A Pool Table?

Are you interested in the game of billiards? Are you looking for the correct way how to measure a pool table? Are you interested in knowing the ways to correctly calculate the dimension of the pool table? If your answer to the questions is yes, then you have landed yourself right on the spot. Here you will be given a proper description on How to measure a pool table. Stick with us till the end to know everything. The procedures are to be noted step by step, so bear with us to know all the details properly. If you have any questions then have patience. I can assure you that at the end of the article most of your queries would be solved.

Indoor games have always been in a trend since the very dawn of civilization. The indoor games were introduced as a source of entertainment in absence of the outdoor games. In the beginning, the concept of indoor games was just an alternative. But over time the scenario started to change. The indoor games started to have a league of their own. The games started to gain popularity and are now seen as a separate niche, rather than an alternative option. 

how to measure a pool table

How to measure a pool table?

Among the indoor games, there are some divisions. The games are mostly divided into two broad categories. The first category is card games, the second option is board games. Over time the indoor games became so popular that the games now have international contests of their own. Compared to card games, board games are more popular and more widely played. In the board games, some of the games have more fame than others. One of the most popular board games is chess and another popular board game is that of the billiards.

Billiards is a very popular game throughout the world. The game is a game of international standards. Many international competitions are organized throughout the year for billiards. It is because of the high standards of the game. It is a simple game, yet difficult. The contents of the game include some balls and a stick. The table or the board consists of four different pouches at four different corners. The game aims to push the balls on the table to the pouches at the corner of the table using the stick. The player hitting the most number of balls to the pouches wins the game.

But the game is not as simple as it sounds. All the equipment and the materials have certain dimensions and specifications which are to be taken care of while playing the games. The specifications include the material of the table. The material of the table is not like the typical boards like carom. The billiards boards are made of wood just like the carom boards but the boards are layered with a sheet of cloth. The cloth is very smooth and polished. The cloth is used for the swift movement of the balls in the board.

Apart from the material of the board, the shape of the board is also different than the other board games. Usually, the shape of the board games is square, but in the case of billiards, it is not square. It is rectangle in shape. Due to the uncanny shape of the table, the number of scoring holes is also different in the case of billiards. Inboard games such as carom, where the player has to put the pieces in the pocket, the number of holes is usually four in number, but in the case of billiards, the number of holes in the table is six. It is purely due to the shape of the table.

The game has specifications for the size and material of the stick as well with which the balls are to be struck. The sticks that are used for striking the ball are called cue sticks. The dimensions of the stick are about 100- 150 cm. Apart from the length the material used at the tip of the stick is also pre-determined. The tip of the stick is made up of either plastic or ivory for a proper it to the ball.

About the measurements of the pool table

Billiards is a board game widely popular. It is so popular that a lot of people like having a billiard board in their homes so that they can play with their friends and families. But having a billiards table is not an easy task. It needs maintenance and a lot of other aspects are also to be taken care of. There was a time when the game was just available to the bars and clubs, but over time the popularity of the game led the people to purchase the board and enjoy it at their homes.

With the purchasing of a pool table, a lot of things are to be considered, and the most important one is the one regarding the measurement of the pool table. One should know How to measure a pool table correctly. It is important because if someone does not know how to measure a pool table correctly, then they might not be able to purchase the table suitable for their home. Most of us are having limited space and an oversized table will not look good and will create a hazy look. It is harmful to both the table as well as the owner of the table.

Here we will be discussing How to measure a pool table in the proper way. Knowing the proper way will not only help in saving the space but also help in the purchase of covers and other materials for the maintenance of the table.

The proper way of measuring the pool tables

Let us discuss, how to measure a pool table correctly.

how to measure a pool table
  •  The correct way of how to measure a pool table is from inside the playing area. It is measured from one tip rail of the cushion to the opposite tip. It is not done edge to edge like the normal tables. The way of measurement is different because of the size of the rails. There is no pre-decided size of the rails. Different manufacturers organize the size of the rails different according to their measurements. Although the playing dimensions are standardized, the difference in the size of the rails can cause the table to be small or large depending on the rail.
  •  Apart from that there are certain principles regarding the dimension of the table. One can just measure the width of the table using a measuring tape. If someone knows the width of the table they do not need to separately measure the length of the table. It is a property of the billiards table that the length of the table is always twice that of the width of the table. Regarding the standard size of the pool tables, there are typically four types of sizes available for the pool tables.
  •  The four types are 7 foot, 8 foot, pro-8 foot, and 9 foot. Now in these four types of table sizes, the pro- 8 foot is the most common size to be used at home. Most of the players who own a pool table at their home have the pro-8foot for their use. It is because of the size of the table and most of the shop owners sell these to the house owners for private use. It is not the case of the players in the tournaments. In the tournaments, the 9-foot table is used for playing.

Now you know,How to measure a pool table in a correct manner.


1. Is it essential to have an 8-foot pro or 9-foot table at home?

The answer to the question cannot be given in a yes or no. It is an analytical question. The size of the table is a purely personal opinion of the players. If someone is comfortable with the 7-foot table, then they should go for the 7-foot table. It is not mandatory to go for the 8-foot or 9-foot table. Some people fear they might not be able to feel the competition size. They should not worry, all the sizes will give an almost equal feel. The size of the table should be based on the availability of space in the room, not on any other aspect. The most commonly bought size is the 8-foot pro because of the standardized size.

2. Is it hard to clean the boards at home?

The answer is no. The cleaning is not hard. The players can clean the board on their own. They don’t need to take the board anywhere else to get cleaned. The players just need to maintain a bit of caution to prevent any damage to the cloth of the table while cleaning. A clean brush and a bit of caution are all they need to clean the board at their home, on their own.

3. Why is it important to measure a pool table?

Measuring a pool table is essential for various reasons, such as determining the correct size for replacement parts, ensuring proper room dimensions for installation, or verifying if the table fits in a designated space.

4. What are the standard pool table sizes?

Pool tables come in various sizes, but the most common sizes are 7 feet, 8 feet, and 9 feet. These measurements refer to the length of the table from cushion nose to cushion nose.

5. How do I measure the size of a pool table?

To measure a pool table, start by determining the length from cushion nose to cushion nose. This measurement should be taken on the playing surface and not include the railings. Additionally, note the width of the table, usually measured from cushion edge to cushion edge.

6. What tools or equipment do I need to measure a pool table?

Measuring a pool table typically requires a measuring tape or ruler to determine the length and width accurately. It may also be helpful to have a level to ensure the table’s playing surface is even.

7. Are there any specific guidelines for measuring a pool table’s playing surface?

When measuring the playing surface of a pool table, it is important to start the measurement from the cushion nose and exclude the railings. The length and width should be measured precisely to ensure accurate dimensions.